• Non-SewingBonding Machines

    we provide non-sewing, bonding machines, bonding materials, technical assistances for bonding garment ski wear, sport wear, underwear, bra, bag.

  • ChainmailGloves

    Premium protection glove for knight-leaving hands.


    We pursue one object only: our products shall protect the persons wearing them.

  • PositioningLaser

    For exact positioning of work pieces at
    cutting applications and alignment tasks.


    The high-performance products are available for reliable line straightness with precise, fine line drawing.

    Our principle is to deliver top quality.

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Welcome to Synergie Systems Co., Ltd.

With 20 years experiences in the garment, automotive and bag industries,  we are professional to assist you on the machineries,
bonding materials, technical assistances with full supports from suppliers.

Our Products

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Z-Laser Applications

  • Tire lay-up Machine >

    In tire manufacturing, laser lines mark the correct position of the individual rubber layers on the drum. Using an SPC controlled adjustment drive (ZES), the laser lines can be automatically shifted to the required position. A green laser line marks the centre line and two red lines are used to show the equidistant lines on the left and the right. เลเซอร์ยิงแนวผ้าใบ แผ่นยาง
  • เลเซอร์ปรับตั้งสายพาน >

    The belt alignment of drive and running wheels can be safely checked while the motor is in an idle state using a line laser and associated devices (magnetic bracket and target markers).
  • Alignment of steel plates >

    Even marginal position corrections of long steel plates are complicated which is why precise positioning is important from the outset. เลเซอร์ยิงแนวตัดเหล็ก
  • เลเซอร์วางมาร์คเกอร์หนัง >

    In contrast to textiles, automatic nesting is not possible when automatically cutting pattern parts out of a leather skin because leather as a natural product can have natural defects. The patterns are projected using several laser projectors and, if one pattern should include a defect, it is shifted to a defect-free zone. The resulting new coordinates are transmitted to the cutter. เลเซอร์วางมาร์คเกอร์หนัง
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