Niroflex 2000


We assume responsibility
To assure more security

Worldwide the products of the Friedrich Münch GmbH + Co KG  enjoy the reputation to guarantee security on the highest level. Our broad product range and our deep product offering enables us to cater to the customer's individual requirements.

We pursue one object only: our products shall protect the persons wearing them.
In their daily work but also in very dangerous situations. With one exception. Namely when our metal meshes shine as elements of architecture, interior design and design.

2000 - with patented benefits

With its patented metal clasp and its unmatched fit the niroflex 2000
stands for high wearing comfort and fatigue-free working.

niroflex 2000 - The types



And these are the characteristics

  • Patented metal clasp for easy and infinitely adjustable fastening
  • Easy handling and no need for spare parts like press buttons, buckles or replacemnet strap
  • Strap is made from ring mesh
  • Unique fit based on ergonomic design without mesh overflow at the finger tips
  • Coloured enforcements for quick size identification
  • High flexible enforcements for exceptional comfort and to keep the glove from sliding down the arm
  • Ambidextrous
  • Easy cleaning without residue
  • niroflex 2000 also available in a detectable version

niroflex 2000 chainmail gloves are approved in accordance to DIN EN 1082-1 / ISO 13999-1
niroflex 2000 chainmail gloves are on the USDA accepted equipment list