Sponging & Shrinking Machine

To meet customers' need, we provide various kinds of suggestions and assistances for their production line, such as: iron and press machineries, smart unit production hanger system, machines for producting suit, sew free bra, underwear, waterproof clothes, windproof clothes, handbag, shoe, etc. Customers can enhance their productivity, become more efficiently and finally reduce the cost. We can provide series of service as a consultant: beginning from basic construction, and then planning, design, arrangement, arrayed according to customer's request, working, installation, deployment, training, after-sale service, and professional skill etc.


  • Size stability
  • Texture of fabric to protect itself
  • Feel comfortable
  • Gloss and eye color to play
  • The fabric quality
  • Increase the effectiveness of


Medol KSSM-1750 KSSM-2200
Electrical consumption 3P 380V 27KW 3P 380V 33KW
Working width 1750mm 2200mm
Steam consumption 200kg/hr 250kg/hr
Speed 8m/min 8m/min
Dimensions  3300mm X 2300mm X 1900mm 3300mm X 2700mm X 1900mm