Adhesive Film Fusing and Hemming Machine

Double heads high frequency machine (air-driven foot pedal type)

To meet customers' need, we provide various kinds of suggestions and assistances for their production line, such as: iron and press machineries, smart unit production hanger system, machines for producting suit, sew free bra, underwear, waterproof clothes, windproof clothes, handbag, shoe, etc. Customers can enhance their productivity, become more efficiently and finally reduce the cost. We can provide series of service as a consultant: beginning from basic construction, and then planning, design, arrangement, arrayed according to customer's request, working, installation, deployment, training, after-sale service, and professional skill etc.


It is suitable for caps, shoes, backpacks, tents, skiwear, waterproof outwears and sportswear, etc., with excellent fusing and hemming effect. It can be easily operated through advanced touch screen monitor, with the function of automatic micro back-ward to reduce the blank-press. The temperature, speed and pressure can be adjusted according to different fabric. It has automatic feeding function to control the tape tension and avoid the elasticity fusing problem effectively. (KT-336BS with high arm pedestal is with better effect on fusing and bonding for caps, shoes, backpacks and tents)

Model KT-336CU KT-336C KT-336B+T KT-336S KTU-3CRH KTU-2DS
Power Supply 11P 220v 50Hz
Temperature 200℃ 200℃ 200℃ 230℃  
Rated Output Heater 1375W 870W 2300W 1300W 350W 800W
Motor 350W 480W 1800W 90W
Frequency 20KHz       35KHz 20KHz
Compressed Air 5 KG/c㎡
Work Width 6 MM-20 MM
Dimension(mm) 1000x700x1700 1000x700x1700 1000X560X1300 1200X550X1400